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The Human Race Theatre Company Announces 25th Anniversary Campaign

Goal Getter The Human Race Theatre Company, Dayton’s only professional theatre company, recently kickedoff the public phase of a capital and endowment campaign in celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary. The 25th Anniversary Campaign for the Development of New Works was initiated in May 2011 and has already raised nearly $1.2 million toward a goal of $1.5 million. […]

Are Campaign Planning Studies Only for Brick and Mortar Fundraising?

Campaign Planning Studies Over the years we’ve encountered more than a few organizations that have an outdated view of capital campaigns, thinking major campaigns can only support brick and mortar expansions. There is no denying the fact that capital campaigns are often successfully conducted for new and expanded buildings. But is that new building the […]

When NOT to Conduct a Campaign Planning Study

Does A Careful Campaign Planning Study Always Lead to Greater Success? If a nonprofit executive tells a consultant they want to launch a capital campaign, the consultant will first recommend a study, right? Best practices in fund-raising management point to the importance of and the need for a campaign planning study (a.k.a. feasibility study). In […]

Warning signs for when NOT to conduct a campaign planning study

A Self-Assessment: If any of these statements accurately describe your organization, you may NOT be ready to conduct a campaign planning study. Your organization has not conducted an externally-based strategic plan. Your proposed goal is indistinguishable from annual or program goals. Your organization lacks a general case for support that differentiates your organization and positions […]

On Second Thought: The New New Normal

On Second Thought . . .  I first met Gayle in May 2009. She has been on the board of a public library in Pennsylvania for a long time. After a considerable amount of energy researching the community’s usage and strategic planning, the board decided the current library was far too small to effectively serve […]

New Uses of IRS Form 990: To Improve Board Involvement

Strengthening Your Governing Board Larger nonprofit organizations have now navigated the second year of preparing the expanded IRS Form 990. Next year will be the last of a three year phase-in of the new form, and will subject even more nonprofit organizations to the heightened reporting requirements. Organizations with just $200,000 of gross annual receipts […]

Advancement: A Team Effort for Continuous Improvement

Strategic Advancement Through the process of strategic advancement, the development function can be empowered – helping to shape, guide, and drive the destiny of the organization, as it was meant to do and has the potential to do. At a recent Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) luncheon, the speaker from a respected Community Foundation offered […]

New Requirements for Charitable Hospitals

Federal Health Care Legislation (HR 3590 Sec. 9007) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has far reaching implications for our nation’s broad network of nonprofit health care providers. Effectively section 501 of the internal revenue code has been re-written with regard to nonprofit hospitals: “A hospital organization shall no longer be treated as tax-exempt, unless […]

The Continuing State of Philanthropy

Time-Tested Resolutions for a Good Year In our last issue of Fund Raising Matters, we took measure of the unfolding turmoil in world financial markets. As we prepared the commentary last fall, we suggested that “Many will sit behind the desk and hide. Those who recognize their organization’s mission and services are even more critical […]

The Road Ahead in a Changing Marketplace

Responding to Current Market Survey Results The results of our Outlook 2009 on-line survey* painted a clear picture of what most of us already know. . . raising money today is challenging. But, as development professionals are an optimistic lot, let’s focus on the positive and work to find the best path forward. What did […]