Rock climbing team reaching the summit.Goettler Associates is one of the nation’s most trusted advisors for fund raising, strategy, and planning.  Our experienced team is dedicated to leading nonprofit organizations toward the realization of their philanthropic potential through a Full Continuum of effective services.

  Our Core Values


As your professional fund-raising counsel, we bring a unique perspective and objectivity to your situation, and will honestly present our carefully informed and researched conclusions and opinions.


Assessing the quality of professional services can become subjective at times.  As fund-raising consultants we believe the quality of our service is best judged by the success of your development program or campaign.  Therefore, in the delivery of our work we must also positively engage development personnel, the organization’s management, governance and other volunteers to ensure a quality outcome for the entire organization.


Our analysis, consulting, and management expertise in all areas of fund raising gives your organization a skilled and resourceful partner in philanthropy.  At Goettler Associates, the term SERVICE means exceeding expectations, by clearly saying what we will do and doing it, ever working to meet and exceed expectations through our attention to the client’s needs.  Your calls will be received or promptly returned, deadlines will be met, and goals will be exceeded. . . . we guarantee it.

  Who We Are

Our decades of experience working with diverse organizations from the entire spectrum of nonprofit industries in communities across the country guide our work for your success.  Let our knowledge and experience become your strength.


We have learned that success must be re-invented with each client engagement.  This requires maintaining a positive outlook, suggesting alternative routes to overcome barriers, and constant vigilance of your organization’s operating environment.


More than 1,500 organizations have relied on our firm to provide comprehensive direction and advice in all areas of fund raising and institutional advancement. You can count on us.

  What to Expect

We have built a history of dedicated, trusted service to our clients as leaders in the fund-raising profession.  Our continuing commitment to integrity is a core business philosophy of the firm’s principles, now spanning two generations, and is further informed and guided by  the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.


The origins and traditions of philanthropy in America lie in the powerful altruistic instincts of human beings.  The voluntary spirit motivates both average Americans and those who can and do give millions.  Our Team of expert consultants and professional staff are dedicated to fostering the spirit of Teamwork within your institution and your constituency to raise philanthropic investment in your mission.

-The Marketplace Perspective

Our disciplined and practiced ability to identify and maintain the marketplace perspective of your organization’s programs and mission better positions our clients in a competitive marketplace by accentuating the link between your organization’s programs and services with the community’s needs.


Sometimes the best way to achieve success is to apply the time-tested principles of  fund raising  in a new and flexible way that is appropriate to the organization’s needs.  We match our knowledge of what works (and what does not) with the latest in development methodologies, moving clients beyond haphazard trial and error tactics to carefully planned and executed results.