The Goettler Series

The articles of The Goettler Series are what we at GoettlerAssociates consider to be the essential elements of fund raising and institutional development.

We have developed this series in response to interest expressed by our clients and our colleagues in the field.

One must, however, always exercise caution in writing an article as a guide or “how to” piece.  While the articles address general principles, each philanthropic institution finds itself in different circumstances.

We like to think that one of the qualities that distinguishes GoettlerAssociates in the fundraising field is our recognition of this fact: that each institution, each campaign, each situation is different, and that each requires the experience and skills of a team of professionals to listen, learn, analyze and interpret — and then to organize and carry out the strategy appropriate to the specific circumstances.

On the other hand, we also recognize the need to increase awareness of the time-tested principles of successful fund raising and to advance the “state of the art” so to speak.  We intended this series (first begun in the late 1980’s)  to be an important contribution in this respect.

This series may also help you understand how we think and how we approach fund development and advancing our philanthropic sector.  We hope that it will provoke questions — and that you’ll call us for answers.

In our continuing effort to advance the business of philanthropy, we are proud to make all volumes of The Goettler Series available for your review.

Volume 1: “Ready! Set! Go!
The Essentials of Preparing for a Campaign

Volume 2: The Campaign Planning Study
Foundation for a Successful Campaign

Volume 3: The Donor Marketplace Perspective
A New Approach to the Development of Institutions

Volume 4: The Case for Support
How it Can Position Your Institution for Success

Volume 5: Strategic Leadership
Advancing the Organization from Planning to Reality

Volume 6: The Role of Fundraising Counsel
How to Evaluate and Select a Professional Firm

Volume 7: The Role of Trustees in Development
Building an Effective Fundraising Board

Volume 8: Planned Giving
The Best Way to Build a Strong Endowment

Volume 9: Major Gifts
Developing Strategies for Success

Volume 10: The Role of Volunteers
Developing Effective Fundraising Leaders

Volume 11: The Winning Campaign
The Essential Elements of Success

Volume 12: Strategic Advancement
Aligning Your Resources to Attract Philanthropy

Special Report: Running the Red Lights
Nine Reasons That Capital Campaigns Fail

Special Report – The 21st Century Capital Campaign
Are the Rules Changing?

Special Report: Shaping and Marketing a Successful Endowment Program
Why is endowment so hard to sell?

The Goettler Series for The Chruch: (Available Upon Request to

Ready! Set! Go!
Preparing the Church for a Capital Campaign

Preparing for the Harvest
A Guide to Planning Studies & Awareness Programs for the Church