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The Road Ahead in a Changing Marketplace

Category: FRM Issue 53
Responding to Current Market Survey Results The results of our Outlook 2009 on-line survey* painted a clear picture of what most of us already know. . . raising money today is challenging. But, as development professionals are an optimistic lot, let’s focus on the positive and work to find the best path forward. What did we learn? We learned ...

Is It Time to Throw Out the Campaign Manual?

Category: FRM Issue 53
Major Gift Strategies for Success As our country works toward recovery from this severe recession, many development professionals are asking if the rules have changed. Is it time to rethink our approach to fund-raising and donor engagement? If there is a call for greater efficiency and effectiveness of your development program, we suggest you t...

On Second Thought: Is Social Media Right for Your Organization?

Category: FRM Issue 53
The phenomenal impact of social media on the ‘08 Presidential election has spawned a tidal wave of nonprofits that want to put Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and similar applications to work as a fundraising tool. But what is social media? For anyone beyond their 30s, such as board members and possibly chief executives, there remain questions. Ho...