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Category: FRM Issue 64

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Major Gifts Solicitation

Category: FRM Issue 64
Converting Interest and Involvement to Investment The moment will arrive when it is most advantageous to solicit a major gift. The success of the entire development process depends on your ability to recognize that moment and direct staff and volunteers to act upon it wisely. The “Four Ws” of Major Gift Solicitation Who should ask whom...

On Second Thought: Move Toward the Next Major Gift Through Stewardship

Category: FRM Issue 64
We owe it to our donors to use their gifts responsibly, in accordance with their wishes. Good stewardship is in our own interest as development professionals. Major donors, in particular, are much more willing to continue their support when they’re given lots of reasons to feel good about their last gift. Making our donors feel good requires m...

Major Gift Metrics: Winning the Numbers Game

Category: FRM Issue 64
Strategies for Success Action is fundamental to fundraising success, but it is managing the right actions that can turn a mediocre effort into a record-breaking performance. This is the factor driving the growth of planning for a major gift metrics program. More than just a buzzword, metrics has been pushed to the front of the line as a way to def...

Time to Check the Health of Your Major Gifts Program

Category: FRM Issue 64
Planning for Major Gifts The new calendar year arrived once again with the anticipation of growth in our fundraising results and new levels of accomplishment for our organizations. For most development professionals the New Year also begins with zero dollars raised toward our annual goals. The best way to achieve these goals and to fund your organ...