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Goettler Associates presents Fund Raising Matters ™, a regular publication offering the latest insights on fund raising.  We first introduced Fund Raising Matters as a traditional quarterly newsletter in 1996, continuing our commitment to advance the business of philanthropy.  

We hope you will find Fund Raising Matters insightful and informational. We hope it will assist your efforts in developing successful fund-raising strategies. As always, we welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and discuss how our experience and talents can further your success.

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Ready! Set! Go! Are you ready for a fundraising campaign?

Category: FRM Issue 59
A fundraising campaign is won or lost long before the kickoff. How do you know when your fundraising campaign will be successful?  It's when the right people are asking the right prospects, in the right way, for the right amount of money — for the right reason and at the right time. Sounds like an easy walk in the park — right? Getting to ...

Get it Done. Do it Right. 10 Fundraising Essentials

Category: FRM Issue 59
A top ten list of fundraising essentials Whether you like him or not, David Letterman now has the longest late-night hosting career in the United States. To recognize his accomplishment, we thought a Top Ten List was in order.  Here are ten fundraising essentials for the development officer. Our list is not necessarily in order of importance, nor...

Quiz: Are You Ready to Launch a Capital Campaign?

Category: FRM Issue 59
Pre-campaign preparation is essential to the success of your next capital campaign. Test your readiness by taking a moment to answer the following questions: Q:  Have you involved your board and other key donor constituencies in planning and preparing for the campaign? ☐ Yes      ☐ No Q:  Does your organization have a strategic plan tha...