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Goettler Associates presents Fund Raising Matters ™, a regular publication offering the latest insights on fund raising.  We first introduced Fund Raising Matters as a traditional quarterly newsletter in 1996, continuing our commitment to advance the business of philanthropy.  

We hope you will find Fund Raising Matters insightful and informational. We hope it will assist your efforts in developing successful fund-raising strategies. As always, we welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and discuss how our experience and talents can further your success.

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The Continuing State of Philanthropy

Category: FRM Issue 52
Time-Tested Resolutions for a Good Year In our last issue of Fund Raising Matters, we took measure of the unfolding turmoil in world financial markets. As we prepared the commentary last fall, we suggested that “Many will sit behind the desk and hide. Those who recognize their organization’s mission and services are even more critical today, wi...

On Second Thought: Our SMART-Focus Fundraising Analysis Report Card

Category: FRM Issue 52
Strengths + Objectivity = Success The response to our SMART-FOCUS service has been both exciting and insightful into the state of the non-profit sector. We have recently worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations through this unique, effective and efficient consulting service. This Fundraising Analysis is focused on identifying the stre...