On Second Thought: Our SMART-Focus Fundraising Analysis Report Card

Strengths + Objectivity = Success

The response to our SMART-FOCUS service has been both exciting and insightful into the state of the non-profit sector. We have recently worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations through this unique, effective and efficient consulting service.

This Fundraising Analysis is focused on identifying the strengths of your organization, development programs and staff. While typical human nature leads us toward a focus on organizational weaknesses and past mistakes, that’s often a futile exercise and does little to develop a forward looking strategy.

Our report recommendations have sought to identify specific and immediate tactics that nonprofit organization leaders can implement for improved and continued growth in their fund-raising results. We know that building upon an organization’s strengths results in more effective plans and more successful outcomes.

There is no question that the nonprofit sector has been significantly impacted by last year’s economic downturn. Through our SMART-FOCUS service, our staff has been impressed to see first-hand the resiliency and determination of many nonprofit professionals and their ability to find new strategies and methodologies to achieve success.

While some financial supporters may never be able to return to their previous levels of support, the nonprofit sector will continue to serve their communities. In the coming months, as the economy continues to improve, we anticipate that the nonprofit leaders who have re-calibrated their development efforts will emerge stronger and more successful than ever.

Objectivity and SMART Planning: Goettler Associates can help improve your fund-raising results right now, by putting decades of proven fund-raising leadership to work for your organization.

Our SMART-FOCUS promise is that we will begin, if not complete our engagement with you in 30 days or less. You will have a tangible plan to chart your future course. And, your development function will be energized by the results.

As far as our report card thus far . . . No one has asked for their money back guarantee! To learn more about how your Strengths + our Objectivity = your Success, visit our web site at www.goettler.com.

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