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Goettler Associates presents Fund Raising Matters ™, a regular publication offering the latest insights on fund raising.  We first introduced Fund Raising Matters as a traditional quarterly newsletter in 1996, continuing our commitment to advance the business of philanthropy.  

We hope you will find Fund Raising Matters insightful and informational. We hope it will assist your efforts in developing successful fund-raising strategies. As always, we welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and discuss how our experience and talents can further your success.

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Category: FRM Issue 58

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The Road Ahead Survey and Report

Category: FRM Issue 58
Our Road Ahead Survey and Report set out to answer a few questions. Who is raising more?  How are they doing it?  What changes have organizations already made?  What changes are organizations planning for the future? You want to know what the philanthropic marketplace is thinking and doing.  Our Survey Report will provide you with the informat...

Reported Increase in Fund-Raising Results

Category: FRM Issue 58
Fund-Raising Results are Improving The most encouraging discovery in our Outlook 2013: The Road Ahead Survey is the report of more favorable fund-raising results for last year. While it does not appear that as many organizations have reached the success levels reported in our 2006 survey, things are clearly improving . . . a lot! The adjoining ta...

Online Survey Results: Outlook 2013

Category: FRM Issue 58
Online Survey Results: Outlook 2013 Goettler Associates has completed it’s fourth survey of the philanthropic marketplace, and we are pleased to discover that there has been a dramatic shift toward a more optimistic outlook for the future. Seventy-four percent of organizations anticipate a future increase in gift revenue from individuals. This ou...

Focus on Individuals to Raise More

Category: FRM Issue 58
Our analysis of the Outlook 2013 survey took an in-depth look at a wide range of factors that contributed to how and why organizations raised more.  Our conclusion: Focus on Individuals to Raise More. Seventy-one percent of the organizations that raised more in Outlook 2013, did so because individual donors are giving more — more than corporate...

What changes have you made to improve fundraising results?

Category: FRM Issue 58
Who wants to improve fundraising results? Let’s face it, it’s basic human nature, everyone wants to know what the other guys (e.g. all y’all) are doing. . . so we asked! Survey participants told us what changes they have already made to improve fundraising results, and: 82% have increased overall strategy and methods 63% have increased ...