What changes have you made to improve fundraising results?

Who wants to improve fundraising results? Let’s face it, it’s basic human nature, everyone wants to know what the other guys (e.g. all y’all) are doing. . . so we asked!

Survey participants told us what changes they have already made to improve fundraising results, and:

  • 82% have increased overall strategy and methods
  • 63% have increased the use of social media
  • 62% have increased major gift programs
  • 10% have decreased direct mail
  • 6% eliminated their telemarketing

We also wanted to know what folks were thinking and planning for the year ahead. So we also asked that question, and:

  • 83% will increase overall strategy and planning
  • 73% plan increased major gift appeal programs
  • 69% plan increased use of social media
  • 9% will begin a new planned and deferred gifts program
  • 9% will decrease direct mail.

Yes, change is inevitable, but not simply for the sake of change. Successful organizations will study the marketplace and work to listen and respond to their constituents.

click here for pdf version: FRM58