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Goettler Associates presents Fund Raising Matters ™, a regular publication offering the latest insights on fund raising.  We first introduced Fund Raising Matters as a traditional quarterly newsletter in 1996, continuing our commitment to advance the business of philanthropy.  

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The Donor-Centered Marketing & Fund Raising Process:

Category: FRM Issue 56
When you follow this seven step process, you will be adopting the donor-centered marketing and fundraising process, and well on your way to improved results. 1. Listen to your constituency.  (Research) Go outside the institution and ask people what they think of it, and what they want from it.   2. Define and segment your market.  (D...

Targeted Fundraising Improves Marketing

Category: FRM Issue 56
Research and Segmentation Many people are confused about marketing versus fund-raising. They’re not actually the same thing. Marketing can best be described in the for-profit world as getting the product to market, whereas the fund-raising function of your nonprofit involves receiving a donation. It is undeniable that there are areas where no...

Use Pronouns to Maintain Marketplace Perspective

Category: FRM Issue 56
Whose “needs” are important? When trying to explain the marketplace perspective and its application to fund-raising, we’re sometimes challenged by those who believe that the high-minded pursuit of philanthropy should not be mixed with the “crass” business of marketing. For some, marketing is little more than a euphemism for selling,...

The Human Race Theatre Company Announces 25th Anniversary Campaign

Category: FRM Issue 56
Goal Getter The Human Race Theatre Company, Dayton’s only professional theatre company, recently kickedoff the public phase of a capital and endowment campaign in celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary. The 25th Anniversary Campaign for the Development of New Works was initiated in May 2011 and has already raised nearly $1.2 million tow...