The Donor-Centered Marketing & Fund Raising Process:

When you follow this seven step process, you will be adopting the donor-centered marketing and fundraising process, and well on your way to improved results.

1. Listen to your constituency.  (Research)

Go outside the institution and ask people what they think of it, and what they want from it.


2. Define and segment your market.  (Donor Tracking)

Where might you find new prospects? You can learn a lot by studying your existing donor constituency.


3. Target the market segments with the highest potential. (Segmentation)

Who are your best prospects for major gifts, and what are they interested in?


4. Position your institution in relation to others. (Case for Support)

Define what your institution can do for the community that no other institution can do.


5. Write the marketing and development plan. (Metrics)

Based on the first four steps, develop a written plan of action


6. Communicate the opportunity your institution presents in terms that matter to the target constituency groups. (Engage/Cultivate)

The central thrust of your case for support must be based on what matters most to your current and future donors.


7. Use the technology of marketing to persuade donors to invest in your institution. (Advocate)

Staff, board members and volunteers must be equipped with the tools that will give them the confidence to be effective.

click here for pdf version: FRM56

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