Warning signs for when NOT to conduct a campaign planning study

A Self-Assessment:

If any of these statements accurately describe your organization, you may NOT be ready to conduct a campaign planning study.

  • Your organization has not conducted an externally-based strategic plan.
  • Your proposed goal is indistinguishable from annual or program goals.
  • Your organization lacks a general case for support that differentiates your organization and positions itself as unique in its ability to meet community needs.
  • Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are your top prospects for lead gifts . . . but you have had no prior contact with them.
  • Your organization has not ended any of the past five fiscal years with a balanced budget.
  • Your board members do not have a track record of annual giving, and their capacity to give is minimal.
  • Your executive director cannot generate a list of the top 30 donors he/she would like to meet.
  • Your quarterly newsletter hasn’t been mailed for two years.
  • Your board leadership has determined to move ahead with a campaign because they need the money.


click here for pdf version: FRM55

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