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Use Your Case to Win the Campaign

Emphasize the Process for a Better Product When it’s done right, the process of developing the case for support can be as valuable as the finished product. Poorly executed, the process can become a nightmare. What makes the difference? With all of the experience our firm has accumulated, we are still learning how best to […]

What Makes your Case Credible?

The Marketplace Perspective Together with sufficient prospects and volunteers, a compelling case for support is generally considered indispensable to a successful capital campaign – or any other major gift fundraising activity. Most experienced fundraisers can easily give you a clear definition of the case for support. But, ask someone to define what makes the case […]

On Second Thought: Use Your Donors to Write the Case

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: the donor’s perspective is essential to the case for support. When you initiate the preparation of your case, you should involve key members of your organizational family and your best donor prospects in the process. In doing so, you are not only working to identify the unique […]

8 Elements of an Effective Case for Support

When the time comes to review the first draft of the case, what should you look for? Based on our experience, an effective case for support should: Maintain the donor’s perspective and reflect the values, interests, and aspirations of prospective donors and volunteers. Build upon the strengths, accomplishments, and capabilities of the institution, rather than […]