8 Elements of an Effective Case for Support

When the time comes to review the first draft of the case, what should you look for? Based on our experience, an effective case for support should:

  1. Maintain the donor’s perspective and reflect the values, interests, and aspirations of prospective donors and volunteers.
  2. Build upon the strengths, accomplishments, and capabilities of the institution, rather than its deficiencies or needs.
  3. Position the institution in the minds of prospective donors as a distinctive asset to the community and region.
  4. Present the campaign and its objectives as an investment opportunity that will produce a substantial return in the form of benefits to those served by the institution.
  5. Go beyond the institution to advocate for the cause that the institution represents.
  6. Provide the facts required to support its claims.
  7. Stimulate a positive emotional response (in the same way as an effective speech) and a call to action.
  8. Create a sense of urgency by helping to convince prospective donors and volunteers that the campaign goal must be achieved on schedule.


click here for pdf version:  FRM68

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