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Do we need a strategic plan to raise more money?

Focus higher-level thinking on strategy development When was the last time a donor asked to see your strategic plan? Maybe a foundation grant application included a question about whether the organization has a plan, but honestly has anyone else asked? So why do we invest our organizational resources in these elaborate strategic planning processes? Let’s […]

Consider strategy before setting goals

Your Planning Process Matters It seems there is a new book or formula for better organizational planning and strategy published every few weeks. Most people have to be reminded about what all the terms mean, and the differences between mission, vision, and values statements. It can get overwhelming. And, what about the process itself? What […]

On Second Thought: Why Hire a Consultant?

The fundraising profession has grown tremendously since its inception. Today, most organizations employ experienced and capable fundraisers on staff. Increasingly administration executives and governing boards may wonder why they would need to hire a consultant at all — isn’t that the role of the executive director and the chief development officer? When an organization is […]

Vision, Mission & Strategy: The Why, What & How of Planning

When starting a new planning process, focus on the why, what and how of planning: Vision:• Our Aspiration / The Why A vision statement should present the optimal future state, an ideal future even if it may never be achieved; a statement of where the organization is headed and what values are guiding that journey. […]