Vision, Mission & Strategy: The Why, What & How of Planning

When starting a new planning process, focus on the why, what and how of planning:

Our Aspiration / The Why

A vision statement should present the optimal future state, an ideal future even if it may never be achieved; a statement of where the organization is headed and what values are guiding that journey.

Our Purpose / The What

A statement of how we will accomplish our vision; and, what the organization wants to accomplish. The mission should answer what the organization does; what value it brings; who it serves; and how it does what it does.

Our Roadmap / The How

This describes how organizational resources should be allocated to accomplish the mission. Short and long-term goals should explain how those goals will be achieved. The roadmap establishes parameters that guide prioritization of resources and decision making. Specifically who we serve and how we will reach them.



click here for pdf version: FRM69


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