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We Don't Need a Strategic Plan . . . Just a Good Case for Support!

A Solid Organization and a Worthwhile Project Most development professionals can probably count on one hand the number of times a donor asked for the organization’s strategic plan. Rarely is anyone interested in seeing a detailed planning document — they just want a summary of the case for support, or the elevator speech. So who […]

Who Should Write the Case for Support?

Invest in an Inclusive Process One of the earliest steps in preparing to raise money is to research and write a case for support. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what a case for support looks like or what it should contain. We can honestly state that the concept of the case for support is probably the […]

Your Case for Support should include a Profile of the Institution

In today’s fast and faster pace, we often lose sight of what should be included in the case for support. The preparation of your case for support should begin by creating a clear and factual profile of your organization. The accumulation and centralization of information is often the first vital step of positioning your organization. […]

Ohio State Bar Association’s Moyer Legacy Fund Reaches Goal

Goal Getter:  At the time of his unexpected death in April 2010, Thomas J. Moyer served as Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court for nearly 24 years — the longest tenure of any sitting chief justice. In response, members of the Ohio State Bar Association discussed an initiative to raise funds in support of […]