Your Case for Support should include a Profile of the Institution

In today’s fast and faster pace, we often lose sight of what should be included in the case for support. The preparation of your case for support should begin by creating a clear and factual profile of your organization. The accumulation and centralization of information is often the first vital step of positioning your organization. The following list will prove useful:

    • Institutional mission
      Role in society, philosophy or purpose, population(s) served, geographic area(s) served, specific programs and services and fees charged (if any), governance structure, and leadership
    • Record of accomplishment
      Brief history of organization, service growth and statistics demonstrating success, physical facilities and improvements in environment, current financial position, and growth in annual operations, sources of revenue and total net assets, explanation of any deficits, accreditations and accomplishments of the professional staff, organizational awards
    • Directions for the future
      Distinctive competencies and services that must endure, changes in operating environment and demands for service, further quantification of the community’s “need” for services
    • Development objectives and plan of action
      Master planning, and other detailed research supporting goals.

click here for pdf version: FRM57

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