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The Essential Elements of Winning Campaigns

Looking back over our firm’s collective experience, it is obvious that changes in the development field have affected how the philanthropic marketplace functions and how capital campaigns are conducted. The essential elements of successful campaigns, however, are not very different from those which have applied for decades. This is the question we explore in “The […]

The Campaign Plan: Putting It All Together

An Essential Element of Success Campaigns rarely unfold precisely as planned. No campaign plan can ever anticipate all the contingencies that are bound to occur during a capital campaign, or how each of these unique situations can best be resolved. Most capital campaigns aim to generate support at several different levels, from a number of […]

On Second Thought: Is Your Fundraising Campaign Undercapitalized?

Is your fundraising campaign undercapitalized?  Too many organizations work to demonstrate how little they spend on administration and overhead.  But, to take advantage of all the possibilities presented by an intensive capital campaign, the development office must have sufficient human and financial resources to do the job. The presence of counsel cannot fully compensate for […]

Be Specific!

The Campaign Principle The best way to be successful with any fundraising campaign is to be specific. Put another way, the essential principle of any campaign which achieves or exceeds its goal is that it answers these three questions: Why is the money necessary? How much money is required for the project? When will the campaign […]