The Essential Elements of Winning Campaigns

Looking back over our firm’s collective experience, it is obvious that changes in the development field have affected how the philanthropic marketplace functions and how capital campaigns are conducted. The essential elements of successful campaigns, however, are not very different from those which have applied for decades.

This is the question we explore in “The Winning Campaign,” our eleventh volume of The Goettler Series.

In Volume 11, you will learn about the seven elements we believe are crucial, based on our 50 years of experience in planning and directing winning campaigns for nonprofit organizations:

  1. A solid organization
  2. A worthwhile project
  3. A compelling case for support
  4. Availability of sufficient financial resources
  5. Qualified and committed volunteer leadership
  6. Pacesetting leadership gifts
  7. A realistic and well-executed plan of campaign

Because of unprecedented competition for the attention and allegiance of donors and volunteers, it is more important than ever that these essential elements be present. They still separate the winners from the rest of the pack.


click here for pdf version: FRM63

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