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The Proactive Study Interview

A pre-campaign planning study provides an opportunity for your organization to have a meaningful face-to-face exchange with affluent and influential people, through an experienced fundraising consultant. You will not only present your agenda, but learn about theirs— their values, preferences, priorities, and proclivities. The planning study is based on a standard questionnaire, so it looks […]

"I Know It's Feasible…"

We talk to a lot of development professionals about their plans for fundraising campaigns and sometimes hear them say, “I know it’s feasible, so we don’t need to do a study!” These individuals are exactly those whose organizations stand to gain the most from conducting an in-depth pre-campaign planning study. When properly conducted, a campaign […]

Ten Sequential Steps to a Successful Feasibility Study

If you anticipate conducting a pre-campaign planning study (or feasibility study), be sure to allow sufficient time for fundraising counsel to plan and lead your organization through an inclusive process. Counsel will need to prepare for and conduct the study interviews, then carefully analyze the data, and prepare and present the final report with insightful […]

Goal Getters: Associated Charities of Ashland County

When Associated Charities’ leaders first began thinking about raising funds to build a new facility, they faced a number of challenges. Although they had been providing short-term emergency financial assistance and food to Ashland County (Ohio) residents for over 100 years, many people in the community were not familiar with the full scope of services […]