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Strategic Planning and Fundraising

Donor Involvement Whenever a major fundraising effort is contemplated, at least one volunteer can be counted on to ask, “Why can’t we just skip the planning part?  We know what we need to do: get out there and raise the money!” It’s a fair question.  What does the strategic leadership process – or any planning […]

Will Strategic Leadership Help Your Organization?

The strategic leadership process is a disciplined approach to getting organizations to focus on results, and it is more than strategic planning.  The process helps leaders define and successfully implement their goals.  It can be beneficial to almost any organization, public or private, that seeks to improve its service to society.  The process has proven […]

How Effective is Your Planning?

A simple self-evaluation To assess the effectiveness of your last planning endeavor, ask yourself and your colleagues if the effort generated the desired results and impact on your organization.  Use the following checklist to assess your performance.  Are all of your board members, staff, and key volunteers able to articulate the organization’s mission and goals? […]

What Ever Happened to Our Strategic Plan?

Organizational Success What is the relationship between your organization’s fundraising objectives and its long-term vision for the future, and its strategic plan?  Most fundraising professionals will concur that your campaign objectives should be tied to a higher vision developed through long-term planning. In our experience, however, we have witnessed a much different reality: We have […]