Will Strategic Leadership Help Your Organization?

The strategic leadership process is a disciplined approach to getting organizations to focus on results, and it is more than strategic planning.  The process helps leaders define and successfully implement their goals.  It can be beneficial to almost any organization, public or private, that seeks to improve its service to society.  The process has proven especially effective in organizations where:

  • Strategic plans have not been successfully implemented
  • Goals are frequently being added or changed
  • No clear vision or goals exist
  • The organization seems to produce more activity than results
  • Community and/or board support is weak.
  • Staff and/or volunteer departments seem to be working at cross purposes
  • A reorganization or merger has recently taken place
  • A new direction is being embarked upon (often in response to market changes)
  • Staff and volunteers often complain about lack of direction or communication


click here for pdf version: FRM62


For more on Strategic Leadership, Advancing the Organization from Planning to Reality, access Goettler Series Volume 5