Volunteerism between the Generations:

A current report from AmeriCorps estimates the rates of volunteerism between generations:

Generation X: (ages 45 to 56)
36.4% — 21,720,574

Baby Boomers: (age 57 to 75)
30.7% — 22,631,756

Millennials: (age 26 or so to 44)
28.2% — 19,904,598

Generation Y:
26.1% — 6,456,628

• Silent Generation: (over age 75)
24.8% — 6,673,509

Further, 30.0% of veterans volunteer, and 39.9% of parents volunteer.

One frustration we encountered when considering the AmeriCorps figures is the suggestion that Generation Y and Millennials are two different groups, while many demographers use the terms synonymously. The figures above infer that these two generations span more than 95 million Americans, which is inconsistent with other published definitions. The US Census Bureau is little help, as they only seem to define Baby Boomers and those who are older or younger.

(Source: AmeriCorps: Volunteering in America: Demographics)

https://americorps.gov/newsroom/news/via AmeriCorps.gov

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