Five Essential Campaign Marketing Principles

Are you working to position your fundraising campaign for success?  If so, make sure that you are employing the five essential campaign marketing principles:

1. Design for people.

Today’s winning campaigns are successful because of the people involved — the campaign leadership, volunteers, and donors. Any marketing materials used in your campaign should be designed for their use.

2. Focus on volunteers.

Your materials should not be created solely to con-vince the prospect, but instead to support the efforts of the volunteer to serve as an effective advocate. This helps build the enthusiasm and confidence of the volunteer, which influences his or her attitude and behavior in convincing the prospect.

3. Plan for responses.

Each item in the marketing plan is response oriented. It is designed with the overall goal of stimulating and evoking a positive response from the volunteer and potential donor. Marketing tools should evoke action, as opposed to merely providing information.

4. Keep it simple.

Your marketing approach should be based on one central and convincing argument in order to keep people’s attention and move them to action. It’s best to keep your ideas and thoughts simple.

5. Aim outside.

The most important marketing tools are developed with the perceptions of the donor constituency in mind. To develop a useful marketing perspective, it is necessary to base your process in that particular constituency.


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