Forming a new Committee on Governance

An organization stands to gain a definite edge if it does a better job of enlisting, training and involving its board members, and managing the board, than its competitors do.  One way to do this is to replace the standard nominating committee with a committee on governance.  The committee should include the current board chair, two to three other key members in terms of affluence and influence, and may also include former board chairs.

Functions of the Committee:

  1. Prepare written position descriptions for all board members, and all standing board committees
  2. Continuously maintain a list of qualified candidates for board membership
  3. Recommend candidates for membership to the full board
  4. Interview and brief candidates in advance of enlistment and acceptance
  5. Coordinate (or manage) the board orientation process, and ensure all board members have the resources to succeed
  6. Continuously evaluate the board’s organization, membership, attendance, operation and performance.

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