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Navigating the Road Ahead…

There is a growing chorus of voices that are challenging the status quo of today’s best practices and social constructs. So let’s look at how this rapid pace of change is affecting nonprofit organizations and the fundraising marketplace.

Giving Makes People Happy

Professional fundraisers need to remember that Giving Makes People Happy. This is an informative and well researched post from Bloomerang that reminds us of how to best approach our work. Helping our colleagues, co-workers and board volunteers to adopt this philosophy will help them to share in the joy of successful fundraising done well. Nonprofit […]

50 Things You Can Still Do Before Year-End

Here is a check list of 50 things you can still do before year-end to make your year-end fundraising appeals more successful

Reported Uptick in Giving Shows Resilience of US Donors Despite Impact of Covid-19

And now for some good news. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s (FEP) 2nd Quarter 2020 report shows an uptick in giving and the resilience of givers in the US. As with previous economic downturns and cataclysms, we can see that the philanthropic spirit of the American public has endured through the second quarter of 2020. Fundraising […]

Covid-19 Impacts Giving in 1st Quarter

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s (FEP) 1st Quarter 2020 report indicates a decrease in total current giving to nonprofits through March, 2020. Giving USA’s recent webinars heralding an increase in total giving in 2019 may be less instructive than the FEP’s more timely reporting and there may be disturbing trends developing for total giving in 2020. […]

Covid-19: Reopening with Resilience, Realism & Trust

Memorial Day – the traditional beginning of summer – looked like no other this year.  But with it came the news that, in many parts of the country, people began to look at the gradual reopening of our economy.  Somehow the word “reopening” is too facile a term to adequately describe what we have all […]

Covid-19 Week 10: How to Make It Easier

Welcome to Week 10 of our Covid-19 fundraising blog.  When this all started, we didn’t realize that we’d be at it for ten weeks.  Writing a weekly blog is harder than we first imagined.  Life is like that sometimes. Saying you are going to do something is often easier than actually doing it.  Let’s face […]

Covid-19 Week 9: Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Don’t jump to conclusions based on the spate of donor surveys that are starting to surface, and attempting to gauge the effects of coronavirus on the future behavior of donors.  The results are at best inconclusive, and at worst alarming.  Take, for instance, the recent Campbell Rinker study that was publicized in The Chronicle of […]

Covid-19 Week 8: Time to Reverse Engineer the Special Event

Demonstrating our own advice to be nimble and adapt to the circumstances, we are sending our Tuesday blog on Wednesday of week 8.  We thought it was best to steer clear of #GivingTuesdayNow. We hope you had great success with Giving Tuesday in May and tested some new strategies and tactics, because it is looking more likely […]

Week 7: Living with Covid-19 and Not Knowing

It is week seven of the great shutdown and there is still so much that we don’t know.  We ended our post last week with the acknowledgement that we don’t know, but we were going to find out.  Well, having spent some time thinking about it, knowing is difficult to achieve.  We all believe we […]