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Covid-19 Week 6: Lessons Learned

Raise your hand if you know more about the Spanish Flu of 1918 than you ever dreamt you would.  If “goodbye” has been replaced by “stay safe and stay healthy.” If you have grown weary of the phrase “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” or some variation thereof.  What else have we learned […]

Don’t forget about the SECURE Act

Everyone is talking about the CARES Act and the deep and lasting impact of the corona virus on our lives and our economy. And rightfully so! But when we get back to raising money for our organizations we need to be equally aware of the impact of the SECURE Act. We all know that older […]

Covid-19 Week 5: Zoom in on better etiquette when video conferencing

It is the second day of week five in Covid-19 Fundraising, and like you we visited with family and friends over the past weekend via video conferencing to share Easter/Passover Holiday greetings.  We’ve also been using Zoom for virtual happy hour with friends and colleagues over these past weeks, and it is becoming clear that […]

Covid-19 Week 4: Adopt, Adapt, Improve

It is the second day of week four of Covid-19 Fundraising, and this week we are inspired to adopt, adapt and improve.  Like so many other regularly scheduled events, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) turned its 2020 Annual Conference into a VIRTUAL event, demonstrating the path for all of us to adopt, adapt and […]

Adapting Your Case for Support of the Arts

Here is an excellent blog post that will help any arts organization refine and adapt their case for support during these unprecedented times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. This well organized article can help development professionals adapt the messaging of their arts organizations to our radically and rapidly changing environment. Fundraisers need to remain […]

Covid-19 Week 3: Working Through the Stages of Change

It is week three of Covid19 Fundraising, and we are starting to know more.  We now understand that we will have several more weeks of this new normal ahead.  We should be actively focused on working through the stages of grief and change and hopefully getting settled in to move our organizations forward.  This is […]

Covid-19 Week 2: Shelter In Place and Seeking Balance

It is week 2 of Covid-19 Fundraising, and most all of us are now working remotely and struggling to maintain a focus on mission and purpose as well as to balance the pressures of our new work environments.  Are you finding your work hours are just as long?  Are you shifting your thoughts from thriving […]

Hey Fundraisers, Let’s Roll …

It’s pretty hard to view the future of fundraising and our role as fundraisers when we are forced to work from home, but this recent post from the UK’s digital fundraising guru Howard Lake gives us some sage advice for how we should face our work today. So, Hey Fundraisers! Avoid distraction, Love Thyself, and […]

Covid-19: What Should We Be Doing Now?

To assist out clients, colleagues and friends in this uncertain time of Covid-19, GoettlerAssociates is going to do what we believe our clients should be doing . . . communicating.  We are pleased to offer our take on the quickly changing development landscape, with this News That Matters opinion post.  Here are three quick thoughts: […]

Fundraising is not like Sales…or is it?

Many, many years ago when serving our local AFP (then NSFRE) Chapter as Education and Program Committee Chair, I arranged for a “sales coach” to make the monthly luncheon presentation. People were aghast! What in the world can development officers possibly learn from a ruthless, profit-driven salesman? Granted, fundraising is quite a bit different from […]