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Online fundraising is rapidly rising

It seems that everywhere we go these days, clients ask us about social media, crowdfunding, and the slew of other online communication and fundraising vehicles available.  The good folks at Nonprofit Tech for Good have posted a great collection of 14 recent stats that are quite insightful.  Clearly, every organization should be looking at these vehicles […]

Quantify your Case for Support

We will often tell our clients to Quantify your Case for Support. The following two ‘Measuring Up’ Blog posts at the Chronicle of Philanthropy beautifully describe why we offer this advice.  If you can work to further measure and quantify your organization’s work, you then have a new and exciting means of thanking your donors. […]

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

The greatest wealth transfer in history will create extensive opportunities for nonprofit agencies, according to an in-depth study by the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College.  This potential and historic transfer of wealth has been a topic in the third sector for a good long while.  Continuing research on this topic should at […]

Encouraging Report of Online Donations

An encouraging report of online donations at the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations.  One group actually received a $1 million online gift.  Wow!  That will certainly skew their average gift analysis! =============================================================== THE CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY May 18, 2014 Online Fundraising Goes Mainstream By Alex Daniels and Anu Narayanswamy Online giving is still growing, but triple-digit […]

Similarities of Crowdfunding and Major Gift Pitfalls

It is interesting to observe the similarities of crowdfunding and major gift pitfalls.  This opinion piece highlights “crowdfunding fails” which in our experience are similar to a prescription for a failed capital or major gifts campaign.  Some of the terminology is a little different, but consider how a comparison between the importance of a video […]

Adopt a strengths-based approach to development . . .

The argument to adopt a strengths-based approach to leadership development is presented in this article from  This approach is more than appropriate for nonprofit organizations, for the growth and advancement of staff, and for our own careers.  Our firm has adopted this approach to the advancement and improvement of an organization’s development and fundraising […]

How Older Adults Use Technology

How older adults use technology has been analyzed by The Pew Research Center.  It is always astounding to hear some nonprofit executives tell us that their organization had yet to commit to electronic communication because of the age of their donors.  These executives often suggest that seniors just don’t use email, or they don’t access […]

Why Fundraising Is Fun

Just last week, a client told me that one of her volunteers said, “I never knew fundraising was going to be so much fun.”  That story made Arthur Brooks’ piece in the Sunday New York Times all the more real.  At times, it is hard for professional fundraisers to remember why we enjoy our work […]

Digital Giving Index Update (InfoGraphic)

If you like InfoGraphcs, Newtwork for Good has a great new post on their blog that presents a very compelling story for organizations to focus on their digital giving strategy and resources.  Take a look, this might help a development officer make the case for investing additional resoruces . . . ============================================== Just Released: The […]

Investing in Wealthy Donors Pays Off

In our view, the most important point of this study is that maintaining a laser focus and investing in wealthy donors is worth the cost. This article at The Chronicle of Philanthropy on an AHP study caught our eye.  At first glance, the idea that those organizations that spend more money raise more money doesn’t […]