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What motivates philanthropy and giving in our society?

The question of donor motivation is a topic that most professional fundraisers have wrestled with, and a topic that most professionals probably have an opinion on. Increasingly, we have encountered clients that are moving away from donor recognition, or those that do not publish nor promote the levels (amount) of support received from donors. This article leads one to believe that public recognition of donor support is still an important factor at play for some.

What’s Your Number? …for donor retention

Do you know your donor retention numbers?  If you don’t know your number, then you probably don’t realize that all your hard work to acquire new donors is not having the impact on your organization that you thought it might.  Here is another, yes yet another, article on the importance of donor retention.  If you […]

Are you tracking donor retention rates?

We are proud of Lori H. Overmyer, Executive Vice President, and her continued leadership with the AFP Research Council and the ongoing (FEP) Fundraising Effectiveness Project.  If you are not monitoring your organization’s donor retention rates you should be.  Creating donor communication and stewardship programs to increase your donor retention rates is a sure fire […]

AFP Compensation Survey

Advancing Philanthropy | Volume 25/ Number 3 / By Lori Hunter Overmyer, MBA, CFRE, Executive Vice President, GoettlerAssociates   The Association of Fundraising Professionals’ annual compensation and benefits study, based thisyear on the input of 3,536 respondents (3,037 from the United States and 499 from Canada), provides an in-depth , fascinating look at our […]

Making the ASK Online Is Different.

  All fundraising is not the same.  How you “ask” and what you “ask for” appears to be different based on how you do the “asking.”  This article from Jon Powell at NextAfter describes the importance of organizing the “ask” in your online donation form.  As major-gift fundraisers, we believe that the greatest sin is […]

Fundraising Effectiveness Project – 2017 Survey Report

The 2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey Report summarized data from 10,829 non-profit organizations covering year to year fundraising results for 2015-2016. Get the full report here: 2017 FUNDRAISING EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY REPORT Here is a quick outline of just some of the findings: Participating organizations raised $9.129 billion dollars in 2016 compared to $8.862 billion dollars in […]

Words Nonprofits Should Avoid – 2018 Edition

We laughed at first and then we winced.  Yes, the truth hurts.  If one is being honest with themselves, we’ve all done it.  We’ve all used pointless, undefinable, filler words that help the author complete a task, yet do nothing to actually communicate our point, nor help the reader.  Big Duck has come out with […]

Keep Your Donors Giving Again and Again

Thanks to Penelope Burk for bravely jumping into this topic!  Her thoughtful article reminds us to keep our focus on our donors and to be resolute in executing a specific plan that is right for our organization.  Without this focus, it is difficult to resist the allure of national campaigns and promotions such as  Giving […]

What Do People Want When They Give to Nonprofits?

Oh my, what an enticing title!  This article from FastCompany certainly caught our eye, as we suspect it would for most development and fundraising professionals.  Despite being a little put-off by the author’s recounting of  a few recent and high profile bad apples in the third sector, we worked through the article and the actual […]

Example: How to Use Pronouns in Fundraising

We talk a lot about the proper use of pronouns in fundraising communications and fundraising appeals.  Our perspective is based on trying to demonstrate that the nonprofit organization is donor centered.  In some circles this is referred to as adopting the marketplace perspective.  There was a very high profile example today of how to do […]