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Will a rising tide help your organization?

Great news!  New study predicts fundraising stability for 2017 and beyond.  Certainly a favorable environment for fundraising is a welcome change from the environment that many organizations have experienced over parts of the past decade.  But, as development professionals, we all know that a broad market prediction such as this actually means little for most […]

Use the 2016 U.S. Trust Study to Encourage Your Volunteers

This year’s report findings should help to further encourage the fundraising advocacy of your volunteers.  If you could show a current or prospective volunteer information that illustrates the likelihood their efforts will be rewarded with success, would you use it?  The sixth bi-annual U.S. Trust (IU Lily School of Philanthropy) study of high net worth […]

Focus on Donor Retention Rates to Develop Your S.M.A.R.T. Plan

This recent article and research conducted by Heather Yandow at Third Space Studio reminds us all that there are few short cuts in the business of philanthropy. We dove into this article because it called for the need to measure donor retention rates. Donor retention seems to be getting a great deal of attention in […]

Shouldn't Everyone Start with their Elevator Speech?

We don’t think so. In his recent article, “The Pitch is Dead. Long Live the Conversation,” Kevin Starr gives a wonderful testimony for why relationship-based fundraising appeals are better than the sales minded approach typified by the elevator speech. Sure enough, fundraisers can learn a great deal from the adroit professional salesman, but few will […]

Your Mission? Inspiring Donors!

A recent Gallup poll reminds nonprofit executives and development professionals, once again, of the importance of a strong, meaningful mission and brand.  This Gallup research reveals that donors give to organization whose mission aligns with their personal interests and beliefs.  Donors also want to give to trustworthy organizations, with solid reputations and brands. Gallup’s research helpfully breaks down […]

Coaching Your Team to Success

Empowering others, establishing trust, learning from mistakes and setbacks, and having confidence in your team’s abilities may seem like obvious methods of achieving results, but too often, leaders fail to put in the time it takes to cultivate a successful environment in the teams they lead. In a recent article by Christina Curtis, an executive coach at […]

Getting to Know Why Donors Give

A recent article by Michael J. Rosen explores why donors give, according to the results of a survey conducted by Abila, a provider of services and software for non-profits. Donors are obviously important to non-profit organizations, but a disconnect can exist between how donors actually interact with the organizations that they support and how said organizations think […]

Fundamental Foundations of Fundraising

Here is a new take on composing a list of fundamental fundraising principles by UK’s fundraising sage Ken Burnett at SOFII (showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration).  This list may be new to some, and strangely familiar to most here in the US.   It provides a wonderful reminder of what it takes to realize […]

Evaluating the Special Event Fundraiser

The Special Event Fundraiser has long been a pet peeve of ours.  It seems that every organization conducts their share of special events, unfortunately, too many seem to take on a life of their own and are now divorced from any rational strategy to truly advance the organization.  The March issue of the Chronicle of […]

How do Fundraisers stay current in our digital world?

The constantly evolving tools available to development professionals today are truly amazing.  The pace of change is staggering.  Are you old enough to remember what breakthrough technology used to look like, such as what the laser printer did for direct mail fundraising?  This article (found in the Association of Fundraising Professional’s eNewsletter) highlights several exciting […]