Use the 2016 U.S. Trust Study to Encourage Your Volunteers

This year’s report findings should help to further encourage the fundraising advocacy of your volunteers.  If you could show a current or prospective volunteer information that illustrates the likelihood their efforts will be rewarded with success, would you use it?  The sixth bi-annual U.S. Trust (IU Lily School of Philanthropy) study of high net worth individuals is again a treasure trove of insights to how high net worth donors think and behave.  The 2016 study shows that 91 percent of high net worth households donated to charity, and 83 percent plan to give as much or more in the future.  Experienced fundraisers know that volunteers give more than non-volunteers, and this study clearly provides the proof.  The next time we get in-front of a group of fundraising volunteers, we’re going to share the results of this study to boost their confidence and dispel their misplaced fears of rejection.  We suggest that you read this study and share it with your volunteers too. 

2016 U.S. Trust study of high net worth philanthropy reveals positive giving and volunteering forecasts for the coming years