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Has U.S. Charitable Giving Really Exploded?

This recent article in Forbes highlights the growing professionalism of the Third Sector.  In our view the debate is a good one to have, and is based on increasing competition and growing sophistication of the nonprofit sector.  As Mr. Watson points out, it is easy to focus on the brewing controversy of the big number […]

Tips to Avoid Social Media Burnout in 2014

Here are several tips to avoid social media burnout, and the insatiable beast that it is.  Last week, I was at a reception and someone asked me what I do.  As most development professionals know, it’s not always a simple answer. The individual I had just met, having heard my somewhat inadequate description responded, “so […]

Business First: 20 People to Know in Nonprofits

Once a month, Columbus Business First will put the spotlight on 20 People to Know from the region who are front and center in their industries. People to Know: David Goettler Chief executive | Goettler Associates Why did you get into this profession?In late 1987, I was working as an auditor at Coopers & Lybrand and approaching […]

Burk Releases New Donor Survey Report

New Donor Survey Report: Penelope Burk and her Cygnus Applied Research, Inc. firm have released the next installment of their extensive and insightful research.  A free download of an executive summary of the report is available here. We’ve extracted a few key points from Penelope’s research below that we found of particular interest: _______________________________________________________ The […]

Sage Advice for Seeking Foundation Grants

This is article offers sage advice for seeking foundation grants.  Too often in the rush of the development officers daily life, one can forget to take a step back to consider these grant writing guidelines and best practices. Questions I’m Most Often Asked about Winning Foundation Grants by Martin Teitel December 2013 In my decades of […]

Donors are happier, healthier and better looking too.

Donors to charity aren’t merely generous souls. Donors are happier, healthier and better looking too.  We celebrate National Philanthropy Day in Central Ohio today.  This opinion piece, by Arthur Brooks appearing in the Wall Street Journal, is an appropriate reminder of the truly exceptional impact that the Third Sector has on our country, our communities, […]

Treat donors as shareholders to frame the major gifts equation

Treat donors as shareholders to frame the major gifts equation around an investment analogy to develop a loyal base of givers.  Mr. Shaw has picked up on another aspect of this concept in his  article. Here is an opinion piece that we thought worthy of sharing. We might add two additional points:  1) considering donors […]

Shock Therapy for Fundraisers

This post could be listed as shock therapy for fundraisers.  Mark Atkinson has posted a fictional letter from Mrs. D. Donor to her favorite charity describing her frustrations.  As so many organizations race to the end of the year with a myriad of appeals, this blog post reminds us to work toward placing a greater value […]

Reminding Fundraisers of the Donor’s Perspective

A great post reminding fundraisers of the donor’s perspective, and further supported by some shocking statistics from the AFP’s Fundraising Effectiveness Project.  Go forth and broker love ! Stop Treating Your Donors Like a Cash Cow Meet the typical donor, as charities see the beast: a cash cow. Biddable. Milkable. And — oh, yes — […]

Seeking to Understand Donors

Fundraisers seeking to understand donors will find the following article from the New York Times of interest, and a call to work toward identifying the donor’s perspective.  This article also presents an interesting perspective of philanthropy from the financial adviser’s view.  When working to secure major gifts, the donor’s financial adviser often plays an important […]