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Tips to Avoid Social Media Burnout in 2014

Here are several tips to avoid social media burnout, and the insatiable beast that it is.  Last week, I was at a reception and someone asked me what I do.  As most development professionals know, it’s not always a simple answer. The individual I had just met, having heard my somewhat inadequate description responded, “so […]

Reminding Fundraisers of the Donor’s Perspective

A great post reminding fundraisers of the donor’s perspective, and further supported by some shocking statistics from the AFP’s Fundraising Effectiveness Project.  Go forth and broker love ! Stop Treating Your Donors Like a Cash Cow Meet the typical donor, as charities see the beast: a cash cow. Biddable. Milkable. And — oh, yes — […]

Conducting Community Health Needs Assessments

This is an excellent post on the origin and history of the Community Health Needs Assessments that all hospitals must now perform. From our viewpoint we are continually surprised to see that the development office and/or hospital foundation has little to no involvement in requesting, directing nor performing these assessments.  Seems to us that this […]