Witham Health Services

Since its founding in 1917, Witham Memorial Hospital has served as the leading health-care provider for the some 43,000 residents of Boone County—a prosperous and growing community just 25 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana.WITHAM

As the dynamics of health care have changed, so has this remarkable organization under the leadership of CEO Ray Ingham. While many small communities have seen their health-care suffer or even diminish entirely, Witham has moved beyond the walls of the hospital to establish an impressive range of outpatient programs that meet ongoing community needs throughout Boone County.

While expanding health-care services, Witham, like many independent hospitals, struggled with an aging facility. The leadership boldly decided that a new hospital was in order, and through a public bond offering, construction began.  However, to fund the cost of equipment and other necessary amenities, while still having funds for expanding services, Witham decided to appeal to the community and conduct a capital campaign.

Goettler Associates conducted a feasibility study, which revealed that Witham could raise $1.25 million, and possibly more. The campaign moved forward, and quickly gained momentum, thanks to an overwhelming response from the hospital family — the board, medical staff, employees, and volunteers.  Together, they brought in $1.3 million—surpassing the initial goal, before even appealing to the external community!

Witham Health Services logo“Goettler Associates’ counsel showed us how to raise the bar. They took us well beyond what we originally thought would be possible to achieve, and more than has ever been raised in this community,” comments CEO Ray Ingham.

For a successful campaign, your community will first be guided by the example of your family—your staff and leaders. Witham is just an example. Inspired by the family’s response, the campaign continued to focus the community on “Building for the Future” and an exceptional fund-raising success for Witham Health Services.

As communities across the nation lose hospitals, we congratulate the Boone County community in demonstrating their commitment to health—an important step in becoming a Goal Getter!