The Fund Raising Matters OUTLOOK Survey

The Road Ahead

A Fund Raising Matters On-line Survey and Report

It seems that change is happening more quickly today.  But what do these events mean for the nonprofit sector?  Succeeding in today’s philanthropic marketplace requires constant vigilance.  What impact has our country’s recent economic challenges had on organizations’ fund-raising results?  How will technological and societal changes affect what development professionals are doing?

First prompted by high-profile national events in 2006, we’ve attempted to identify what fundraisers were experiencing in the philanthropic marketplace.  We have now completed four on-line surveys of the nonprofit marketplace.  A short, simple on-line survey was presented to the firm’s database of  nonprofit organizations, former clients, friends and associates through e-mail and web invitations.

Over the years we’ve been fascinated and sometimes surprised at what we found. At other times, we reasoned that the data pointed us to the fund-raising principals and facts that all development professionals should know, but too often must be reminded.

We at Goettler Associates want to thank everyone that participated in these inquires. We hope that this data, and our analysis helps to make you and your organization more successful.

Our Outlook 2013 Report is the most comprehensive analysis that we’ve done to date. The 2013 Final report is available here and an extensive number of appendices are available here.


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